Sep 02

NBA 2K15 NBA Live 15 Trailer Comparision

Did the Live trailer make you think of switching over from 2K? Which one showed you more? Which one are looking the most forward to purchasing? 

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Aug 30

Larson Life:Chicago - Shoe Edition - NBA 2K14 MyCareer 

These are the shoes you’ve seen me rocking in the park & in MyCareer; The Larson 2.0s!!! This is how I got my signature shoe, & this is how I made them. Shoutout to the people at Nike.


Base 8

Bold Tongue 19

Strata Overlay 9

Fusion Midsole 8

Tory Collar 5

Fusion Outsole 3

Fusion Lining 3

Tory Toe 13

Bold Toe 3

Bold Toe 6

Strata Toe 11

Tory Laces 1

Bold Eyestay 4

Tongue Swoosh S

Outside Heel Swoosh L

Aug 20

"Thirsty For A Hero Shot" - NBA 2K14 Crews Gameplay

This video captures part of a winning streak we went on in our live twitch stream on Friday. It shows something you see often in 2K; some people are just EXTRA thirsty for that ‘HERO’ shot… which shows their lack of confidence that their defense will hold in the clutch. Personally, I think it’s actually quite pathetic! As seen on

Aug 17

Lob Mob Crew Game From Twitch - NBA 2K14 PS3 Crew Gameplay

We went back to the PS3 to play ‘CREWS’ on last gen/current gen NBA 2K14.. this was one of the many ‘Crew’ games we played… enjoy the footage, more to come!!! 

Aug 10

Larson Life: Chicago - Episode 4 - Most Ball Movement In A MyCareer Video EVER!!! NBA 2K14 MyCareer, PF Bigman MyPlayer on Chicago Bulls.. we have that 98% team mate chemistry & there are a CRAZY amount of assists in this game, Kyrie Irving does & ankle breaker early in this vid as well.. enjoy.

Aug 02

NBA 2K14 Park Gameplay - ‘Lob Mob: The Movie’ 

Introducing the latest addition to The Lob Mob, Aaerios. Here we have some crazy parks mode gameplay with Aaerios calling the action, I put some presentation elements in this game I want to see in 2K15 Crew Mode.. Another classic from the most innovative gaming channel on youtube!!!

Jul 28

NBA 2K14 Park Mode - Top Ten OMG Moments

The Lob Mob Top Ten Vol. 3 - This is the Top Ten Reaction video, the craziest reactions to blocked dunks, of the backboard alley oops, NBA 2K14 glitches & much more!!!

Jul 25

NBA 2K14 Parks Ballhog Of The Week!!! 
Park Mode Dribbles, Double Crossovers, Shamgod moves, pull-up 3 pointers, highlight reel, ‘King Of The Park’ wanna-be…. that’s what you’ll see here. Oh & we blew these guys out… This is why 2K15 needs Crew Mode!!!

Jul 24

NBA 2K14 Parks Gameplay - ‘The 3 Headed Monster’ - Trash Talk Vol 4. 

NBA 2K14 Park Mode. A couple days ago we are playing and we had a pretty long run this was one of those games in the middle of the run.. a lot of blocked shots, couple of yellow arrow screens too… #WeWantCrewMode

Jul 19

This is from the park protest we held on July 4th.. this is the rap cypher the capped the entire event…. Ithis rap covers alot of problems with NBA 2K & how we don’t want PARK, we want CREW!!!
1st ever NBA 2K14 Park Rap Cypher!!! Share this with a friend!!!

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