Apr 01
New connected MyCareers in ‘MyCrewCareer’ Mode for NBA 2K15!!! This is going to be SICK.

New connected MyCareers in ‘MyCrewCareer’ Mode for NBA 2K15!!! This is going to be SICK.

Mar 31

JNaS doing the windmill Honey Dip off of an oop from Maria in The Park.

Mar 30

"Is That The Real Lob Mob?" - Trash Talk Vol. 02 - Feat. RareSpark & Shakedown2012 

NBA 2K14 PS4 Parks gameplay with Maria (Silva) of The Lob Mob, RareSpark, & Shakedown2012 among others.. This video has crossovers, alley oops, MULTIPLE BLOCKED DUNKS, Super Saiyans, & much, much more…

Mar 27

"Craziest Parks Video EVER!!!" - Passing Precision In The Park Ep. 03 - NBA 2K14 PS4

This is a 2 for 1 video… We’ve got Episode 3 of Passing Precision In The Park with JNaS finishing an oop with a crazy switch hand finish & then celebrating with a hand spring into a backflip. Also a crazy windmill putback jumping over a power forward, lots of open threes, & the FIRST episode a new series called ‘Trash Talk’ this one is an instant classic y’all!!!

Mar 24

'Where Is Hasan Larson?' - Passing Precision In The Park Ep. 02 - NBA 2K14 PS4

In this episode we find out the where abouts of Hasan Larson & why he hasn’t been in The Park lately.. & we get the next gen debut of JNaS!!!

LobMobSG3 (Maria) & LobMobSG34 (JNaS) doing their thing in The Park. JNaS has a switch handed finish on an Alley Oop play & a handspring into backflip celebration afterward…SICK!!!

Mar 23

Lob Mob & LD2K in The Park!!! - Precision Passing In The Park -NBA 2K14 PS4 

Maria of The Lob Mob runs into our good friend LD2K of 2K Sports & oMistiik… enjoy!

Mar 21

I did not know you could jump over 7 footers… Wow. In overtime of a game I was playing.. HOF CPU Derrick Rose pulls THIS with the game on the line. Wow.

Mar 15

Larson Life: Chicago - Episode 2 - “The Shrug Game” 

Larson displays an AWESOME perimeter shooting touch in this game, HOF Simulation settings, & no ‘catch & shoot’ or ‘deadeye’ for this one… just great shot selection & an excellent shooting touch. Derrick Rose played like a monster on defense in this game as well… he was drawing charges, diving for loose balls.. he stayed glued to Andre Miller, & he had several blocks & steals.

Mar 14

NBA 2K15 - Motion Capture DUNK SESSION!!! - PS4/XBox One

Some dunk contest, contact dunk, alley oop stuff…

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